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Publishing Validator Info

You can publish your validator information to the chain to be publicly visible to other users.

Run Velas validator-info

Run the Velas CLI to populate a validator info account:

velas validator-info publish --keypair ~/validator-keypair.json <VALIDATOR_INFO_ARGS> <VALIDATOR_NAME>

For details about optional fields for VALIDATOR_INFO_ARGS:

velas validator-info publish --help

Example Commands

Example publish command:

velas validator-info publish "Elvis Validator" -n elvis -w ""

Example query command:

velas validator-info get

which outputs

Validator info from 8WdJvDz6obhADdxpGCiJKZsDYwTLNEDFizayqziDc9ah
Validator pubkey: 6dMH3u76qZ7XG4bVboVRnBHR2FfrxEqTTTyj4xmyDMWo
Info: {"keybaseUsername":"elvis","name":"Elvis Validator","website":""}


Including a Keybase username allows client applications (like the Velas Network Explorer) to automatically pull in your validator public profile, including cryptographic proofs, brand identity, etc. To connect your validator pubkey with Keybase:

  1. Join and complete the profile for your validator

  2. Add your validator identity pubkey to Keybase:

    • Create an empty file on your local computer called validator-<PUBKEY>

    • In Keybase, navigate to the Files section, and upload your pubkey file to

      a velas subdirectory in your public folder: /keybase/public/<KEYBASE_USERNAME>/velas

    • To check your pubkey, ensure you can successfully browse to<KEYBASE_USERNAME>/velas/validator-<PUBKEY>

  3. Add or update your velas validator-info with your Keybase username. The

    CLI will verify the validator-<PUBKEY> file