Velas NFT Marketplace

Grant Opportunity


NFT technology and the trajectory of NFTs as a whole holds a promising future because of their unique properties that create opportunities for new business models which simply haven’t existed before. Velas is involved in this innovative space and will provide grants to companies, organizations, and teams for developing an NFT Marketplace for the Velas Ecosystem. Our main goal is to bring the best technology to the world, especially open and decentralized.


Develop a complete NFT marketplace on the Velas blockchain with a simple NFT token minting function and an auction function.


The NFT Marketplace must consist of 4 main pages:


  • Home page highlighting all NFT works for sale. It should contain such info as bids, preview, owners, price history, etc.
  • Sign up\Log in. The users are offered to sign up via Metamask, MyEtherWallet or other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Filters (price, status (buy now, auction, new, has offers), categories, collections, on sale in: chosen tokens)
  • Advanced token search. A customer must get robust data on items they need quickly, with minimum effort.
  • Reviews and ratings. It shows whether the lot/seller is praised by the users.
  • Marketplace stats (NFT Ratings, Biggest Sales, Most Viewed)
  • Buying and auction. Possible to both purchase items and bid on them.

Mint page

  • Item Minting. This process should be simple and fast. To achieve the best results, it should be a collection manager with the ability to upload the item, state the name, price, description, tags, external link, and other features.
  • Listing status
  • Listing creation
  • Collection managing

User profile page

  • User items (created, collected, favorited, hidden)
  • Account (trading history, offers, referrals)
  • Notifications. Push-notifications system to inform the users about new bets, the status change, new messages, selling their lot, or updating the NFT platform.
  • Settings (user info, notification settings)
  • Wallet
  • Referral


  • Help Center
  • Support
  • Docs
  • Newsletter
  • Blog

How to apply

Please send your application to with the following information:

  • Team background and experience.
  • The project timelines, targeted deliverables at each milestone, estimated efforts.
  • Specify how much of the grant you estimate you will need.
  • Information about previous Velas Ecosystem participation.
  • Any suggestions beyond the scope of this document that will help advance the project goals.


We welcome all feedback, discussion and suggestions. You can send your suggestions to