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Example: Break

Break is a React app that gives users a visceral feeling for just how fast and high-performance the Velas network really is. Can you break the Velas blockchain? During a 15 second playthough, each click of a button or keystroke sends a new transaction to the cluster. Smash the keyboard as fast as you can and watch your transactions get finalized in real time while the network takes it all in stride!

Break can be played on our Devnet, Testnet and Mainnet Beta networks. Plays are free on Devnet and Testnet, where the session is funded by a network faucet. On Mainnet Beta, users pay to play 0.08 VLX per game. The session account can be funded by a local keystore wallet.

Build and run Break locally

First fetch the latest version of the example code:

$ git clone
$ cd break

Next, follow the steps in the git repository's README.